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Writing Exercises


Some of my favorite college writing professors started our classes with a quote about writing, or with a writing exercise to get our creativity flowing. This article from McSweeney’s, a literature/humor site run by the publishing house of the same name, has some great quotes about writing from famous authors and an…interesting…take on the writing exercise. I got a good laugh, and hope you do too.

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Cool read from Buzzfeed30 Indispensable Writing Tips from Famous Authors

It’s deadline week at work! I’m the main writer/editor for the alumnae magazine and all the articles are due to the graphic designer on Friday, and I’m also working on my next post for this little blog, so my fingers have been at the keyboard a lot lately. Planning and writing the magazine has been so much fun, and such a cool opportunity! Deadline week is when it turns a little stressful (I’m taking a break from putting finishing touches on one of those articles to write this post…).

So what better time to read “30 Indispensable Tips from Famous Authors,” I ask you? Seems like this is the perfect time for writing inspiration to strike…wish me luck, and hope these tips help any fellow writers out there!

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August 28, 2012 · 7:16 pm

A slight digression

A bit of a digression from the topic of the blog, but I think its slightly relevant, especially if any fellow writers out there are reading.

Great article today in The Boston Globe:  Some Boston-area authors weigh in on a debate: should authors be able to revise the new e-book editions of their older novels/books?

I’m inclined to agree with the ones who say no.  A book represents part of the evolution of an author’s body of work, a moment in time, and authors shouldn’t be able to continually revise already-published material.  Then where would the revisions end?

Any thoughts?


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