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Living outside the bubble

Being outside the bubble means a new beginning  And for tons of grads out there, this new beginning involves grad school, a first job, or some sort of post-grad service.

Some of us, like myself, returned to the comforts of home and a childhood bedroom.  But others pursued opportunities farther from home, living in apartments in new cities.

One of my favorite journalists/bloggers, Meredith Goldstein of The Boston Globe, tweeted this link to an article from The Onion.  It’s a humorous take on living alone in a city.

Seeing as its from The Onion, its certainly not hard news, but its definitely worth a look for a good laugh!

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The idea for this blog first came to me last week, when I was reading an article in The Boston Globe.  The front-page story that day told a slightly depressing tale: its getting harder for recent grads to find jobs, because many people can no longer afford to retire, due to the effects of the recession and the current state of the economy.

Not exactly the news I wanted to read while sitting at my desk at my summer temp job, the one that ends in approximately a month, and doesn’t include benefits.

I’m a natural worrier, so the article got me thinking.  Mostly nervous thoughts.

But it also inspired this blog.  Obviously, navigating adult life as a recent college graduate is a little tricky, compounded by the fact that we are dealing with a poor ecomonic situation.  But I also figured that if I got nervous reading this article, hundreds of other young adults around Boston probably did too.  Which made me want to blog about my experiences, and learn about people having similar ones.  And as an aspiring writer, it seemed practical to work through my concerns with words.

So in this blog you’ll get a combination of my words, the words of journalists who write articles on topics similar to the one mentioned above, and hopefully the words of readers, sharing their experiences.

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Where is “outside the bubble?”

I’m outside the bubble.

The bubble that I speak of is the incomparable University of Notre Dame, where I spent my undergraduate years, the four most formative years of my life thus far.  But they call it a bubble because, sometimes, being on a college campus is insulating.  Students are so busy with work, classes, activities, sports, and social lives, that sometimes they don’t have time to keep up with what is going on in the world around them, outside of campus.  That’s not to say that there aren’t college students across the country with an acute awareness of what’s happening in the world, and students taking action to right wrongs and solve problems all across the world.  But college is definitely a unique period in your life.  You get four years to figure yourself out, to focus solely and completely on yourself.  So its actually pretty easy to stay in the bubble, and get caught up in your life there.

But, as my dad so wisely (and a bit unsympathetically, might I add) told me this morning, as I reminisced yet again about the good old days of my undergrad years: “College has to end sometime, Maura.”

The bubble has popped, if you will.  As much as I didn’t want it to.

I’ve been navigating the so-called “real world” for about two months since graduation, and it has been an interesting ride so far, full of the good, the bad, and the wacky.  But, because I’m not on a college campus anymore, I don’t have that supportive network of people going through similar life experience right at my fingertips (or down the hall in my dorm, I should say).  There is no one to stay up till 2 AM with me talking about life, and hopes, dreams, and plans for the future.  And its a support system that I’ve been missing.

So I decided to bring the conversation into cyberspace, because I know that there are thousands of recent grads out there doing exactly the same thing as me: trying to figure out post-grad, grown-up life, one day at a time.

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