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Shameless Bragging

This weekend I am heading up to Ithaca College, where my sister goes to school, for Family Weekend. The highlight of the weekend will be the Sunday morning performance of the “First-Year Cabaret ” a play that she wrote and directed! Yes, this is a shameless bragging post. Sue me for being a proud sibling.*

The cabaret  is a musical parody of the ups and downs of freshman year of college, featuring some of your favorite Disney and Broadway songs. Personally, I’m looking forward to a trip down memory lane…back “inside the bubble,” if you will. And I’m also looking forward to seeing the musical in it’s entirety, after watching my sister sing and dance her way around the living room all summer as she wrote it.

Check out this sneak preview from rehearsals:

Not sure if I have any Ithaca readers on this little blog, but if I do, you should come see “First-Year Cabaret” at 11 am on Sunday in Emerson Suites!

*Please don’t sue me. My credit card bill is due this week.

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