A slight digression

A bit of a digression from the topic of the blog, but I think its slightly relevant, especially if any fellow writers out there are reading.

Great article today in The Boston Globe:  Some Boston-area authors weigh in on a debate: should authors be able to revise the new e-book editions of their older novels/books?

I’m inclined to agree with the ones who say no.  A book represents part of the evolution of an author’s body of work, a moment in time, and authors shouldn’t be able to continually revise already-published material.  Then where would the revisions end?

Any thoughts?



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2 responses to “A slight digression

  1. Tewrry Queally

    Hmmmmmmmmmm. Example, Stephen King published two versions of ‘The Stand’ many years apart; both in traditional book format. The two versions are vastly different from the perspective of the time-frame for the action. However, I saw very little difference, if any, in the story content. I guess I would say that authors should be allowed to evolve; and we should be able to access all the versions of their works to track that evolution.

    • That’s definitely a good point. I think it would be really interesting to read a story that an author has retold from another point of view, and I had heard of King and some other authors doing that. I think I was approaching it from a different perspective, though. I saw it as authors editing the e-book version of their novels and then presenting it as if it were the original version, or readers confusing it for the original, even if it’s not presented that way. That’s where it would be problematic, in my mind, because it wouldn’t actually reflect the author’s work at the time that the novel was first published.

      Thanks for reading, and for the feedback 🙂

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