A Musical Interlude

An hour-long commute on the Subway every morning means that I am spending a lot more time listening to my iPod than I used to (I find it to be a very effective method of pretending that the person sitting or standing next to me isn’t invading my personal space).

The other day, the soundtrack to the Broadway musical Avenue Q came on.  I saw the show in London’s West End while I was studying abroad, and it is absolutely hilarious; starring both people and puppets, it tells the story of young adult, post-college life in New York City.

Now that I am living a young adult, post-college life of my own, a few of the songs struck a chord with me in a different way than when I first saw the musical as a junior in college.  So I thought I’d share them with you.  Even if you haven’t seen the musical, its worth listening–the plot isn’t too hard to pick up!

Happy listening!


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