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Chicken Tostada

A wannabe tostada

A wannabe tostada

The past two recipes I’ve shared have been pretty successful, so it’s time to come clean about a failure. This next recipe was a bit of a dud, so if anyone has the heart to try it out and let me know where I went wrong, I’d certainly appreciate it.

This Chicken Tostada recipe is from the Food Network website, and includes a Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette dressing. If you check out the reviews of this recipe, you’ll notice that most of them praise said dressing as the best part of the dish.  This will become especially important in a minute.

As a fan of all things Mexican food, I figured I would totally love this recipe. Until I tried the Cilantro-Lime dressing. It was revolting. Not quite sure what I did wrong, but whatever I did made it a disaster. No matter how much I mixed the dressing ingredients, they still tasted like all their individual parts put together in the same bowl. And when the individual parts involve mustard and olive oil and lime juice…let’s just say it it was pretty gross.

The picture is misleadingly appetizing. Once the dressing was a disaster, I basically aborted the mission and went with my standard chicken fajitas. Which I guess means that my cooking has come full circle.


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Chef Maura

As a part of my continual quest to be a competent adult, I have been trying to cook more.  Which is an interesting endeavor, considering I got ZERO of the cooking genes in my family.  My sister has been at home in the kitchen since she was little, often cooking up recipes from Emeril’s kids’ cookbook.  I handled the eating in that situation.  And the dishes.  That’s about all I was capable of.

I once made “slice-and-bake” cookies for my boyfriend and he secretly threw them out on his way home, because they tasted so bad (props to him for being kind enough to pretend he liked them in front of me, ha).  I didn’t realize it was possible to mess up cookies of the slice-and-bake variety (perhaps I should just stick to eating the dough, like I usually do…).

Fajitas is a dish I can safely say I've mastered: cooking chicken and chopping vegetables isn't exactly rocket science.

Fajitas is a dish I can safely say I’ve mastered: cooking chicken and chopping vegetables isn’t exactly rocket science.

But I figure that practice makes perfect, so I have been venturing into the kitchen more often (with some assistance from my mom, who is a great cook).  Though I am no Julia Child,  I’ve pretty much mastered your standard boxed ravioli/tortellini/spaghetti, since that really only involves boiling water.  And I can handle chopping vegetables, so I have been able to make a good fajita dinner as well…except for that one time I forgot about the rice and burned it (see below. It took forever to clean that pot…).  Remember that practice makes perfect, people.

Burned Rice

Burned rice, exhibit A. Yes, all of it was stuck to the bottom of the pot.

Since I’ve been having some kitchen adventures, I thought I’d share some recipes here on the blog. So stay tuned for my “wannabe chef” series, featuring not-that-difficult meals that I have attempted to make with some successes and some failures.  Recipes and photos to come throughout the rest of the week!


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