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Back in the Kitchen

About two weeks ago, I decided to chronicle my kitchen adventures on this blog. I put the recipe sharing on hold and had a more somber tone on here recently in light of the events in Boston, but I think its time to get back in the kitchen (Figuratively speaking. My mom is the one cooking dinner tonight, probably while I am writing this post. Thanks, Mom!).

The first new recipe I tried is from a cookbook that I bought my Dad for Christmas: Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: An All-American Road Trip…with Recipes! Because who doesn’t love Guy Fieri and his red convertible?

The recipe I decided to try is Pete’s Rubbed and Almost Fried Turkey Sandwich, from Panini Pete’s in Fairhope, Alabama. I’d like to extend my apologies to Panini Pete himself, because I majorly modified this recipe. I made the changes partially to make it a bit healthier, partially because I didn’t have anything to deep-fry a turkey in, and partially because I made it while I was snowed in during the February Blizzard in MA and was missing a few ingredients (sadly, the garlic mayo, which I bet was delish).

Here’s the full recipe from Guy’s page on the Food Network site. My version is pictured above right. My modification confessions:

  • I didn’t fry the turkey. I just used deli meat. This may or may not make this not actual cooking, but rather, sandwich making.
  • I also didn’t have the Garlic Mayonnaise. See: Blizzard of February 2013, below.
This used to be my driveway and backyard. Hence, being unable to go get the missing ingredients.

This used to be my driveway and backyard. Hence, being unable to go get the missing ingredients.

Overall verdict: a pretty yummy panini! It went well with Downtown Abbey Season 1 on Netflix and the roaring wind and snow outside.

Next time: Honey Balsamic Chicken (I actually used the oven for this one!)


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Glad they got my good side…

Notre Dame was ranked 19th on The Daily Meal‘s list of Top Universities for Food Lovers. And this food lover makes a cameo in the photo.

There’s yours truly in the foreground in a light blue sweatshirt, taking a bite out of what appears to be one of my signature wraps (hummus, chicken, and veggies, toasted to perfection in the panini maker). My level of enjoyment in the photo alone seems to justify ND’s place on the list, huh?

At any rate, I think they certainly captured my best side.

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