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Update to the Blogroll

Boston.com Blog: The Next Great Generation

Source: Boston.com

I added a new blog to my Blogroll (that little box on the right side of your screen that has the blogs I’m reading/like/recommend) that’s definitely worth checking out. It’s Boston.com’s The Next Great Generation blog, which they bill as: “opinion and insight from Boston’s students and 20-somethings.” I’ve read posts on everything from summer beach reads to local politics to pop culture. And don’t think it’s just for Boston residents. The most recent post was advice for “the 20-something bridesmaid.” Since I happen to be a 20-something bridesmaid, I immediately emailed the post to my fellow bridesmaids, living in Washington, DC, California, and Indiana.

And all credit and thanks to Steph for finding this blog in the first place!



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