Pray for Boston

From Dan Shaughnessy’s column in this morning’s Boston Globe:

“You live here, so you got the calls. And the texts. And the e-mails.
Are you safe? Are you OK? Were you there? Is everybody in your family all right?
This was one of those days when you found out how many great friends you have. Worldwide, word spread that Boston — the Boston Marathon — was under attack, and folks from other corners of the country and the world reached out to find out how you and your family were doing.”

Thank you to everyone who checked in on me and my family yesterday. Keep praying for all those who were at the marathon and all the law enforcement officials, first responders, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who are caring for people in the aftermath of this senseless tragedy.

I also recommend you read the rest of that column. Though nothing can make sense of it, Shaughnessy’s words capture the impact of what happened yesterday. And if you start to lose faith in humanity, here are some words to remind you of the inherent good of people, and of the heroes who were in Copley Square yesterday.

Pray for Boston.


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