Entering the Land of Smartphones

An LG Cosmos, my formerly faithful cell phone.
Source: verizon-cellphones.org.

So I finally bit the bullet and got a Smartphone. I’d been surviving with my “Free after mail-in rebate” Verizon phone for several years now, and it was showing its age.  Keys were sticking, so texts looked like I had typed them after having about six beers. Whenever I used speakerphone (which I often do when I call people while I am stuck in traffic on the drive home from work…gotta keep two hands on the wheel!), my own voice would echo back at me before the response of whomever I was talking to, so lots of phone calls involved a complicated exchange of, “Wait, repeat that first part again?” until I grasped the entire sentence.

In addition to the wear and tear on my phone, most of my coworkers had Smartphones, so I was often the last one to see an email or unable to access email while I was out of the office for meetings or conferences.  It was time for a phone upgrade.

After plenty of research, I went with an iPhone, because the pictures and video would be easily compatible with the Apple Mac that I use for photo and video editing at work.  (People who feel strongly about the iPhone-Android debate can duke it out in the Comments section, haha).  I’ve had the phone for just under two weeks, and have to say

Apple iPhone
Source: Macworld.com

that I am loving it. It’s great to have everything I need in one place: texts/phone, email, calendar, music, social media, reminders, etc.  The Maps app is also pretty awesome, as someone who lacks an internal compass and often finds myself lost en route to new places.

So as a newly converted believer in the Smartphone phenomenon, I want to share this great blog post from the Notre Dame Career Center about “Being Present” in today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world.  It mentions turning off your phone or computer and taking time away to be with people or just be outside.  Definitely something I kept in my mind as I was setting up all the Notifications settings on my new phone.  As nice as it is to have easy access to email and other communication, I don’t need it buzzing with emails every five minutes on a Sunday.  You’ve got to draw the line somewhere, and that blog post is a great reminder of that.

So I’m about to tweet about this blog post on my iPhone, but then I think I’ll put it away for a while and enjoy this sunny Sunday!


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