Glad they got my good side…

Notre Dame was ranked 19th on The Daily Meal‘s list of Top Universities for Food Lovers. And this food lover makes a cameo in the photo.

There’s yours truly in the foreground in a light blue sweatshirt, taking a bite out of what appears to be one of my signature wraps (hummus, chicken, and veggies, toasted to perfection in the panini maker). My level of enjoyment in the photo alone seems to justify ND’s place on the list, huh?

At any rate, I think they certainly captured my best side.


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One response to “Glad they got my good side…

  1. I forgot to comment on this when you posted it eons ago… I think it is so funny that you are front and almost center in a cafe of 100s of people!!! Awesome!

    By the way, who is the cute boy beside you? He seems very animated!

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