Acting my age?

So you may have noticed that many of my posts have a label, or category.  Sometimes it’s Writing, other times it’s the Future, or Musical Inspiration.  Whatever it is, the category is on the bottom left of the post, next to the words: “Filed Under.”  I started this post by labeling it “Uncategorized” because it doesn’t really fit into the categories I normally write about.  Basically, something wacky (or maybe just pathetic?) happened to me and I thought it was funny enough to share on this little blog (here’s hoping that’s true!).

As I’ve mentioned in some older posts, I teach skating on Saturday mornings.  Every week, I head to the rink with one of my oldest friends, who I have skated with since we were ten years old.  We practice for an hour, than teach for an hour.  And as it has always been for me, skating is the best stress reliever there is.  No matter what is going on in any other part of my life, I get such joy and happiness out of my time on the ice.  Which explains why my friend and I are still at it, 13 years later.  I might not be preparing for competitions or representing the Fighting Irish synchro team anymore, but I still love getting out on the ice and challenging myself each week.

Which brings me to this Saturday morning.  My friend and I are rinkside, stretching out and lacing up our skates, when a parent of another skater asks us a question:

“Does one of you have your license?”

We looked at each other, slightly confused.  Why the heck does this guy want to see identification?, I wonder.

“Excuse me?” my friend asks.

“How old are you two?  You can drive yourselves to the rink?” the dad responds.

“Um…23” my friend and I say in unison.

“WHAT?  No way, we all thought you both were 16.”  “Oh, me too!” chimes in another mother.

Seriously, people?

Somebody needs a few lessons from Miss Conduct.

Now, I am well aware of the fact that I look younger than my age.  I always have.  I work at a high school where I am often mistaken for a student (I always tell myself that they must think that I’m a senior…).  More people than I can count have told me, “Oh, you’ll appreciate it someday, when you’re 50 and still look 30!”  I’m not entirely sure that’s how this works, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I suppose I’ll have to let you all be the judges…do these two figure skating 23-year-olds look 16 to you?

Personally, I'd say we look at least 19. 😉


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One response to “Acting my age?

  1. LOL ‘they’ don’t. But in these times with most girls trying (and being successful at) to look older I think many people get confused.
    And take it from someone who is on the verge of 37 – any time someone confuses me with a 20-something I am delighted. 😉

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