A new endeavor!

As I’ve mentioned a few times on this little blog, I’m productively searching for my next endeavor.  Which is quite the process, let me tell you.

And during the process, I’ll be freelancing for Patch.com, a local news website run by AOL.  There are Patch sites for towns all across the country, and I’ll be writing articles for the town of Hingham, MA.

The sites are a great source of local news, stuff that you won’t get reading the bigger national and regional papers.  Those publications, of course, serve an important purpose in informing the public of what’s going on across the country and around the world, but I’ve always been a big fan of local news.  I love stories about people and their ordinary, everyday lives.  Sometimes even the smallest things are full of hope and wonder.

I’m excited to start this new adventure.

And if you have some free time, check out my first article!



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2 responses to “A new endeavor!

  1. Hey Bubbles,

    Great article on Patch! I love Patch.com by the way. A reporter from there reviewed my last show, To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, and said I was VERY EXCELLENT. (She didn’t write it in all caps, but that is the way I always reread it in my brain!) I love her.


  2. AJ

    Does this mean you have a job now?

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