Flashback Friday, Michigan Edition

For this week’s edition, I’m going to share some highlights from ND vs. Michigan in 2008.

We play Michigan once again, tomorrow night, in the first night game in the history of The Big House, Michigan Stadium.

So maybe this clip represents my hopes for tomorrow’s game, because the ’08 edition of this rivalry ended in a spectacular win for the Irish.  (And after last Saturday, we need a win.  Spectacular or not.)

But there was also something about this 2008 game that these NBC highlights didn’t capture.  That game in 2008 was one of the best games I witnessed from the student section in Notre Dame Stadium, and not just because it ended in a victory.  There was a certain one-ness and a unity in the student section that day.  The more it rained, the more we cheered.  It didn’t matter that we were soaking wet, or that the team wasn’t playing perfectly.

The students, and the team, stuck it out until the clock read 0:00, and never gave up.  To me, that day, that game, was a living testament to the “We are ND” cheer.

I’ll never forget running out of the stadium that day, into a rainstorm, yelling “We are ND” with my friends and classmates.  The spirit of Notre Dame was a living and breathing thing that day.  And victories or not, that unifying spirit is the best part of Notre Dame.


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  1. AJ

    Best football game I’ve ever attended.

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