“Productively searching for my next endeavor”

So last Thursday was my first official day of “unemployment.”  I’m not entirely sure I like that term, though.  I’d rather label myself as “productively searching for my next endeavor.”  So I think that’s how I’m going to identify myself from here on out.

However, last Thursday was also a day filled with all sorts of appointments that I didn’t have time for while I was working over the summer: doctor, dentist, etc.

And I just so happened to be a new patient at one of these offices, and had to fill out all sorts of paperwork.  Four sheets, to be exact.  Four separate sheets that each asked for my occupation.

It seemed like some kind of cruel joke, as I flipped over each page only to find that it asked the question once again.

“Seriously?!  As if I need this reminder right now…” I grumbled to myself.

I left the question blank.  There wasn’t enough space in the little white box to write “productively searching for my next endeavor.”  But it’s certainly what I was thinking.


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