As I mentioned in my Flashback Friday post, I was back at Notre Dame this weekend.  And I believe I promised all sorts of profound reflection on my new alumni status once I returned home.  Which is coming.  At least, reflection is coming; you can be the judge of how profound it is.

And better I discuss that than the dismal performance by the Irish in that football game, right?  There’s always next Saturday.  Sigh.

But as a precursor to that upcoming post, I wanted to share some wise words from the blog of one of my good friends from Notre Dame.  I was catching up on his most recent posts, and this particular sentence jumped out at me, and is influencing my thoughts about my weekend:

“Only by commencing and going forth can the Class of 2011 and all its predecessors change the world; we leave our places to new people for new opportunities and bring our Notre Dame to the world. “

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  1. AJ

    Pre-reflections, or preflections!

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