It’s the last day of August, and my last day of work at my summer temp job.

A day of endings.

I’ve had a lot of endings in my life in the past 6 months or so.  I graduated from college, and that one giant ending encompassed a whole bunch of little endings.

I wasn’t an RA anymore.  I wasn’t a member of the Notre Dame Figure Skating team anymore.  I wasn’t a student anymore.  I wasn’t living just a few doors down from my closest friends.

All the things that had seemed to fit together perfectly to encompass my identity and my sense of self, my day-to-day life for the past four years, came to an end.  And I had to start over.

While it was by no means easy to say goodbye to a way of life that I had been comfortable with for the past four years (that I had loved, as a matter of fact), I am slowly figuring out a new way and a new identity, with the help of this blog.

But it’s nice that today is not nearly such a traumatic ending.  I had a good summer, working with friendly people and learning a little bit about the publishing industry.  But I’m ready to be done and ready to move on to the next thing (which hopefully involves more writing!).  I’m at peace with this ending.

It actually feels a bit more like a commencement.  Not the big event, with the pomp and circumstance–that was awesome, and will forever be one of my favorite memories from Notre Dame.  But rather, the beginning coming from an ending that everyone always says a commencement is all about (Hallmark, in particular).

I may be done with summer and my job, but I’m ready to be done, and ready to find out what else is out there for me.


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  1. Dan

    We were talked to about transitioning from student to professional mode. But it was ironic because most of our 2-day retreat orientation involved lectures on different topics. It was informative and great, but it very closely resembled a life of listening and note-taking during lectures centered on a certain topic…

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