Chick Flicks and Real Life

So I am about to post a movie trailer, for a mediocre chick flick, one that I enjoyed and the critics universally panned.  Post Grad was the movie we went to see on a “girls’ night” during college, and starred the always-lovable Alexis Bledel, otherwise known as Rory Gilmore from the equally lovable and girly TV show Gilmore Girls.  It was only junior year, so our own post-grad lives seemed too far away to ponder that night.

I remember my friends and I loving it, while also acknowledging that it was completely cheesy and utterly predictable.  But hey, who doesn’t need a little cheese now and then?  As long as you acknowledge that these movies are ridiculous, I see no better way to spend a Friday night than eating candy and watching rom-coms. 

But I re-watched the trailer recently and wondered how I’d react to the movie now.  Critical non-acclaim aside, because I am generally known to really enjoy crappy movies.  I definitely saw myself in some of the situations portrayed in the trailer, except, of course, for the various romantic entanglements that Bledel’s character finds herself in (this is Hollywood, after all, so there needs to be some sort of romantic drama).  It reminded me of my earlier post about the Avenue Q songs, and how I heard them differently now that I’m having my own post-college experience.

The trailer, at least, reminded me of the universality of this post-grad experience.  Not sure if the entire movie would do the same (based on those Rotten Tomatoes reviews), so maybe I’ll have to stock up on some candy and rent it one of these Friday nights and let you know.


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