Wedding Bells

Lately, weddings and wedding-themed things keep popping up in my life, in both big and small ways.

I went to the first wedding of one of my college friends in June, and another friend just got engaged last week.

One of the people on my team at work is getting married this weekend,

so today we went out for a celebratory lunch.

There was a book review in the Metro that I read on the train this morning about a wedding-themed novel coming out soon, Girls in White Dresses.

Taylor Swift’s Speak Now album is on repeat on my iTunes, and the title track is about a wedding.

And I’m guilty of spending many a summer Friday night watching Say Yes to the Dress marathons on TLC with my mom and sister.

But never fear, this is not one of those “always the bridesmaid never the bride,” whiny kind of blog posts.  I’m not that old yet.  And the only wedding I’ve ever been in was when I was 6, and the flower girl at my godmother’s wedding.

This is more of a “Wow, life” kind of blog post.

Mostly because it boggles my mind that I am old enough to have friends who are married, or getting married.  I’m not quite ready for this particular milestone myself, which I’m sure plays into the whole mind-boggling thing.  I guess it’s because I feel so young, and like life is coming at me so quickly.  All the wedding stuff around me embodies that feeling.  I can’t believe I’ve already graduated college and become something of a post-grad, young adult.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it.

When my friend called me up last week and told me she was engaged, my first reaction was, naturally, extreme girly.  Shrieks, gasps, and demands for details.  I’m sure you know the drill.

I was out shopping with my sister when I got the phone call, and I excitedly   shared the news with her when I got off the phone.  And then I told her, quite seriously, “This is a big day for me.  This is the first time one of my girl friends told me she was engaged.”

“Is this really about you right now?” my sister countered, half laughing at me, half exasperated with me.  (Little sisters are always nice enough to knock you down a peg or two when you start thinking too highly of yourself)

But I really don’t think I was being self-centered when I said it.  Although it was my friend’s milestone, and her happy news to share, it said something about the point that I’m at in life.  Friends’ engagements and weddings are just another step on this post-grad road I’m trying to navigate.  They just happen to be way more fun than job interviews or cover letters.  But that doesn’t make them any less significant to my growing up, I don’t think.

And though I might not be the one getting married, all this wedding stuff is definitely starting to make this post-grad life thing feel more real.


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