I stumbled upon an article from Sunday’s Chattanooga Times Free Press (random, I know, but that’s a Google News search for you) about the newest trend among job-searching college grads: entrepreneurship.

According to the article, the traditional path of going to college, graduating, and getting a good job is becoming increasingly rare, because of the current economic climate.  There aren’t as many of those so-called “good jobs” out there these days.

So many grads are taking matters into their own hands and creating their own businesses and career paths, like the three students in this article, who created their own online college grocery store.

Anyone out there have a brilliant business model they’d like to collaborate on with me? *

The idea of doing something nontraditional and innovative like that seems really cool to me.  I think that’s also part of why a writing career appeals to me so much.  The schedule, at least, is a bit nontraditional.  It’s not your typical 9-5 job, especially with the 24-hour internet news cycle, and every day is different, because you spend your days learning about the people, places, and subjects you write about.

And it’s also pretty inspiring to see my peers out there taking risks and challenges, and meeting needs, no matter what the state of the world and the economy.

*I’d understand if you don’t want me as your business partner, but if anyone out there has any cool entrepreneurial ideas they want to share, let’s hear it!


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