Flashback Friday Intro

I’m going to try something a little different on Fridays in the blog.  Inspired by the blog of a friend’s mom, who does a weekly post of a photo and calls it Wordless Wednesday,* I’m going to do a weekly themed post on Fridays.

Seeing as a lot of the people reading this blog are my friends from Notre Dame,

Notre Dame's Basilica of the Sacred Heart (left) and Golden Dome (right)

or have some kind of Notre Dame connection, I’m going to call my Friday post Flashback Friday.  I don’t want the format to be set in stone, but this is the plan for now: Every Friday, I’m going to post a link to some interesting Notre Dame-related news, whether its stuff going on on campus, or ND grads doing cool things out in the world.

It’s equal parts relevant and nostalgic.  Let’s see how it goes!

*I really liked the idea of a photo post, but I don’t really think there are enough photos out there that are depict 20-something post-grad life.  Unless I start taking pictures of me in my cubicle.  But if I’m proven wrong, maybe I’ll start my own Wordless Wednesday, who knows?



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2 responses to “Flashback Friday Intro

  1. Maura, this blog is really good, but this flashback Friday thing makes me really sad. I should’ve just failed a couple of tests and gone back for another year. Or two. Or three.

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