Lately, I noticed that I’ve been calling everything an “adventure.”

  • In a note I wrote to my friend wishing her luck before she started law school: “I can’t wait to hear about this new adventure in your life.”
  • In describing a shopping trip with my younger sister, who is about to go off to college in the fall: “a college-shopping adventure.”
  • In my Facebook status, after my first attempt at a Zumba workout class: “survived my first Zumba adventure :)” *

*For those of you who are familiar with just how klutzy I am, Zumba might actually qualify as more of an adventure for the people around me…

There seems to be a bit of a pattern in what I’m dubbing as an “adventure.”  Its those things that are new, scary, uncertain, exciting, different, out of the ordinary.  The stuff that isn’t always easy to do because it can take you out of your comfort zone, but that also can be really rewarding.

I think labeling these things as an adventure automatically makes them a bit less intimidating, and a lot more appealing.  Which reminds me of some wise words that my college roommate passed on to me, when we were both nervously anticipating our semesters of studying abroad:

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.”–Helen Keller

I think Helen got it right.


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  1. Dan

    So true. I think “adventure” can be a crutch, but it can also be a more accurate way to describe your attitude toward a new opportunity.

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