A little less nostalgia

So most of my blog posts thus far have included quite a bit of nostalgia for my college days.  But seeing as it is already August, I have to face the iminent truth that I will not in fact be packing up to return to South Bend in a few weeks.

South Dining Hall (the snow in this picture is another thing I'm pretty sure I won't miss!)

And there are definitely a few things about college life that I won’t miss.  Showering in a shared dorm bathroom while wearing flip flops, for instance.  And although we did have great dining hall food at ND, by the time graduation rolled around, it was getting pretty old.

And the thing that I just might miss least: the departmental listserv.

Maybe it’s because I was on listservs for my major, two minors, my dorm, and the community service center on campus, on top of the university-wide emails relating to news and athletics, etc.  But the seemingly endless stream of mass emails with only semi-relevant information had a tendency to be annoying.  Especially when you received approximately 10 of them, all automatically delivered around 12:02 am.  And then you wasted time reading them, instead of finishing that 300 page book for class tomorrow (Not that I’m speaking from personal experience here or anything…).

But why the midsummer rant about listervs, you ask?

Because of the undergrad, academic-related listserv email I discovered in my inbox yesterday morning.

Time to go email somebody and remind them that I graduated.


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