“So, what are you doing after graduation?”

The dreaded question.  It started popping up in conversations around February.  Everyone–from classmates, to high school friends, to the freshman who lived down the hall, to family members, to parents’ friends–wants to know what a college senior’s post-grad plans are.

Up until about April, my standard answer was, “Graduation?  What are you talking about?  I get to stay at ND forever.”

The only people this answer really went over well with were the freshmen, who told me they would love it if I came back as their RA for another year.  (Thanks for the ego boost, girls!)

But good news came my way on the last day of classes, during the first week of May.  I had been hired as a summer editorial assistant at a publishing company in my hometown of Boston.  Finally, an answer to the dreaded question!  At least a temporary one, anyway.

Because it was pretty hard not having an answer to that question for so many months.  Especially with all the great things that my classmates were moving on to: law school, medical school, jobs, year-long service committments, and even one friend headed to the seminary.

It was easy to feel inadequate, like I was bumbling along without a life plan.  And for a natural planner like myself, there was no worse feeling.  But a little bit of that feeling inadequate was also selling myself short (which my Mom so astutely reminded me.  Aren’t moms great?).  I may not have had permanent employment, but I still had a lot to offer the world.

I had to realize that the path to a writing career is a little more indirect than the path to becoming a lawyer or a businessperson.  There is no set route.  But its a path that I’m willing, and excited, to navigate.


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